Set up an auto-response for your adopters inbox

Keeping enquirers informed during their search can help reduce noise in your inbox by setting expectations right upfront about your adoption process.

This will help free up time to focus on reviewing applications without additional emails from the potential adopters.

By using the ‘auto-response’ functionality a standard email is automatically sent to all enquirers without needing to respond individually.

It’s really easy to set up and customise your ‘auto-response’ on PetRescue. The first step is to draft your email response which might include information such as how long it might take to get back, if other information is required or how they’ll hear from you.

Now it’s just a few steps to get set up:

1) Go to your ‘Group Profile’ on PetRescue and then click ‘Edit’

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click ‘enable’ under ‘Enquiry auto-responder.’ Input an auto-response of your choice, and click ‘Update Group’.

Here’s an example:

Thanks so much for your enquiry with [Rescue Group Name].
Finding the right match for each pet does take time and we are currently reviewing applications and will aim to get back to you in the next XX days.
Thank you for your patience and interest in adopting a wonderful rescue pet.

Once you’ve updated your group’s auto-response, any new enquiry will be responded to automatically with the auto-response you have enabled. This will give you enough time to review enquiries as they come through and keep enquirers in the loop! This is how your response will appear in your conversations: 

🚨 Please note: Your auto-response will only be used once as the first reply.

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