Reporting spam or scam emails

If an email you received is looking suspicious, you may be right!

Scamming and phishing attempts work by trying to gain access to your logins and accounts by "faking as someone you know" and giving you fake links to click through to in order to get your private details (e.g. passwords). 

An official PetRescue email will always come from a PetRescue domain (" or ""). Hint: sometimes the emails are hidden, but you can click "forward" on the email to see what the sender address is. 

You can also identify if you are on the PetRescue website by looking at the URL as it will always be one of the above domains.

Additionally, PetRescue staff will never ask for your password.

If you suspect that you've received an email that doesn't quite look right, please get in touch with us with the details.

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