Microchip requirements for PetRescue listings

As the PetRescue community continues to grow, PetRescue members are recognised by adopters as trusted and reputable members of the rescue community.
But with the rise in popularity of rescue pets, Australia has seen an increase in adoption and donations scams, short-lived rescue ventures and individuals and organisations not doing right by the pets in their care.
For this reason, all cats and dogs (over the age of 12 weeks) listed on PetRescue are now required to have a valid microchip number. If a listing is found to have an invalid or false microchip number, then we may suspend that listing until a valid microchip number is provided. 
It's sometimes easy to mistype or copy and paste in the wrong microchip number, so we've added helpers to prompt for valid microchip information if the given information doesn't match validation requirements.

Valid microchips and publishing rules need to meet the legal requirements and standards for FDXA or ISO. Find more information here.

If your organisation has privacy concerns when rehoming seized or surrendered pets, we have provided groups with the option to hide microchip numbers for all your pet listings.

Exemptions to this requirement

If you feel your organisation needs an exemption to the microchip requirement, you can request one by reaching out via  members@petrescue.org.au. Once our team reviews the request, an exemption may be granted.

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