Desexing requirements for PetRescue listings

PetRescue supports the responsible and ethical rescue of companion animals. Membership is offered exclusively to groups and organisations that agree to and abide by the PetRescue Membership Code of Ethics and Pet Listing Rules. Any breach of the Membership Code or Pet Listing Rules may result in immediate suspension of membership.

Regarding desexing pets, all cats and dogs submitted to PetRescue must be desexed (or will be desexed PRIOR to going to their new home) and shall be promoted as such. 

Exemptions to this requirement

Exclusions may be granted for animals considered too elderly or for other health reasons, as advised by a vet. 
Please contact us via to apply on a per-animal basis. As a starting point, we ask if you could provide a note from your vet to confirm they have advised against desexing the specific pet or litter (as it is within the pet(s) best interests). Once our team reviews the request, an exemption may be granted.

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