ABN requirement for members

PetRescue supports the responsible and ethical rescue of companion animals. Membership is offered exclusively to groups and organisations that agree to and abide by the PetRescue Membership Code of Ethics (presented below) and Pet Listing Rules. Any breach of the Membership Code or Pet Listing Rules may result in immediate suspension of membership.

PetRescue members represent professionalism in all aspects of rescue - from the coordination of pet care to the management of the adoption process and customer service when dealing directly with the public. In line with this, all new membership applications must include an ABN associated with the organisation. 

Why an ABN? 

An ABN helps verify that members are:

  • Committed to setting up and running a rescue for the longer-term
  • Aware of and abide by their legal obligations when accepting payments and donations
  • Legally are who they say they are
  • Can be contacted if things go wrong

Apply for an ABN

If you don't already have an ABN for your organisation, you can apply for one here. It usually doesn't take too long for an application to be processed and an ABN granted. 

Linking your current ABN to your organisation

To link your current ABN to your rescue organisation, you can apply online via https://register.business.gov.au/, select "Register your business", and select "Business name". You will be asked for your existing ABN in the form to complete and submit this request.

If the name you've chosen requires a manual review, there may be a slight hold-up, taking up to 48 hours. However, most business names will be approved on the spot. You'll receive an email that will include a business name certificate and a welcome letter with an ASIC key so they can update details easily online from thereon.

Adding your ABN to your Group Profile:

  • Log in and proceed to ‘My Group profile’ on your main toolbar
  • Click ‘Edit’ then scroll down to Organisation Details, and you will find the ABN field
  • Input your ABN number

  • Click ‘Update group details’ at the bottom of the page to save your changes

Please don't hesitate to contact our team via members@petrescue.org.au if you have any issues along the way.

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