Assigning team members to certain pet listings & enquiries

When creating a pet listing, you can assign a team member to receive the enquiries that come through for that particular pet.
This feature may come in handy when multiple team members are helping with adoptions, species-specific adoption teams or possibly foster carers assist with rehoming.
This field provides you with the ability to assign 
  • The contact listed on the Group profile
  • The member creating the listing
  • Or customise this to any individual (they do not need an account)

To assign a team member to a pet listing

  • Log in and click ‘Manage my pets’ on the main toolbar
  • Click ‘Create a new listing’ (or to re-assign a listing to another individual find the pet listing you wish to edit)
  • Scroll down to the bottom to ‘Contact details
  • Determine the contact details source as highlighted above. You will need to input the contacts ‘contact name’, ‘contact email’ and ’contact number’ for the custom option. For the other two options, these fields will be prefilled
  • Next, check the box for the ‘Preferred contact method
  • Then select if you would like to ‘Show preferred contact method only
  • Once completed, click ‘Update listing’ to save these details

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