I want to adopt a pet!

Thanks for your interest in adopting a wonderful rescue pet!

PetRescue supports more than 1000 rescue groups, shelters and pounds around Australia that use our free services to advertise pets for adoption on our website. We don't have a physical shelter or pets in care ourselves. The pets you see listed on PetRescue are in care with one of these many hardworking member organisations. 

Jump on to PetRescue.com.au and you can start the search for your new furry family member today. 

Click on 'Find a dog' 'Find a cat' or 'Find other pets', then modify your search using the relevant filters. You can filter results by state, postcode, gender, size, age as well as a range of lifestyle and advanced search options. 

Once you see a pet you're interested in, follow the information under that pet's 'Adoption Details' section, or click the 'Enquire about this pet' button to find out more. 

We also strongly recommend creating an adopter profile, so the organisations you get in contact with can easily learn more about your household and the type of home you could offer their pet. To create your profile, make sure you've registered an account with PetRescue, then click the menu button at the top left of your screen. Under My Account, click Adopter Profile, and follow the prompts!

You can also set up email alerts to notify you when a pet is listed that matches your search criteria. Check out our tips on getting started and these eight ways to boost your pet search.

Best of luck with the search for your new furry family member!

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