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Adopting a pet

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Adoption policies and the adoption process

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Pet owner support

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Lost & found pets

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Rehoming a pet through the Home2Home program

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Volunteering and getting involved

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About PetRescue

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Supporting PetRescue

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Account and technical support

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Member resources

Managing your Group Profile

Manage all the details about your organisation on your Group profile

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Managing your Team Members and Individual Account

Find out how to create accounts for your team members and manage existing accounts

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Pet Listing Creation and Management

Find out more on creating and managing pet listings for your group

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Managing Enquiries

Find out more about managing enquiries that come through from potential adopters

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Recommended Time Saving Features

Save time and rehome pets easily by using these helpful PetRescue platform features

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PetRescue Member Services & Programs

Find out more on the PetRescue's Member Services and Programs available to you!

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Read more on our PetRescue Member policies

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Safety & Security

Ensuring safety and security is a top priority. Find out more!

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We're always here to help. Get help when you need it most

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