What is the difference between a safety net fee and an adoption fee?

Safety net fee - paid by the owner:  A benefit of using Home2Home is that we offer a 'safety net' should the adoption not work out the first time around. This means if your pet's adoption is unsuccessful four weeks in, your pet will go to a nominated safety net rescue organisation. This gives you peace of mind that your pet will always be safe. The PetRescue team recommends a small fee of $50 taking into consideration expenses that a rescue group may incur while taking in a new pet, including vet bills, food and medication. If you are unable to pay this fee for financial reasons, we are happy to work around and come up with a solution for you. 

Adoption fee - paid by the adopter: Once the owner has selected a potential adopter, we will send through an “adoption fee” link to the owner, which they can send to the potential adopter. The adoption fee goes to PetRescue and is used to support our website, ongoing programs such as Home2Home, and other free services we provide for our member rescue groups. It is also refunded if a pet is adopted and for any reason the adoption is unsuccessful. Please note the adoption fee can vary depending on the type of pet, location and age. 

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