I'm having behavioural issues with my dog. What should I do?

We're sorry to hear you're having issues with your dog. The first thing we'd strongly recommend is to have your dog properly assessed by a qualified behavioural trainer, so you know exactly what the issues are and what can be done.

A qualified trainer can tell you exactly what your dog needs; if the behaviour is something you can safely work on keeping the dog in the family, if they recommend your dog should be rehomed and trained in another environment or if they believe your dog is unsafe for rehoming.   

To find a qualified trainer in your area, visit the APDTA website.

If you decide you do have to rehome your dog, you should talk to rescue groups rather than shelters or pounds (where there's a danger that your dog would be euthanised). Be completely honest with the group and let them know exactly what the trainer said, so they can match your dog with the right home. Be prepared to call a lot of groups and wait for a foster spot.

You can search for rescue groups on PetRescue here.

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