How do I become a foster carer?

We’re thrilled to hear that you are considering fostering - it's an incredibly rewarding experience that really makes such a difference to the lives of homeless pets, and also means you can enjoy all the unconditional love a rescue pet brings. 
PetRescue supports over a thousand rescue groups, shelters and pounds, many of which rely on a network of foster carers in their communities. Most rescue groups are on the lookout for foster carers. For more information, please check out our rescue pet foster care article

You can find and enquire about pets that are currently listed as requiring foster care by selecting 'Find a dog' 'Find a cat' or 'Find other pets' on Narrow your search by state and any other relevant preferences, and then select the 'Pets needing foster care' filter in the advanced search options.

Many groups will not be able to rescue a pet until they already have foster carers lined up and ready. If you don't find a pet listed via the above search function, or you'd prefer to discuss becoming a foster carer with a local rescue group in the first instance, you can check out our rescue directory and search by your state.

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