I'm a rescue group; how do I become a PetRescue member?

It’s really great that you are interested in becoming a PetRescue member! Here’s how to get started:

You can sign up to become a PetRescue member by filling out our new member application form. It’s free! Only desexed pets, and those listed not-for-profit are accepted. In addition, we ask that you comply with our Listing Rules upon signing up - these will pop-up on screen when you join.

Once you apply, your membership will take one to two weeks to be approved. After this, you will be able to start listing on our site immediately (delays in approval are usually due to the vet reference required not being received. You can speed up this process by chasing your vet to reply to our email).

PetRescue connects you with adopters - once adopters have made contact your group’s own adoption policies and procedures still operate.

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