I'm a rescue group, shelter, vet or pound; how do I become a PetRescue member?

It’s really great that you are interested in becoming a PetRescue member! Here’s how to get started:

Find out how you can maximise your life-saving capabilities with a free PetRescue membership and fill in the application form online. It’s free! Only desexed pets, and those listed not-for-profit are accepted. 

In addition, we ask that you comply with our Listing Rules upon signing up - these will pop-up on screen when you join.

Once you apply, your membership will take one to two weeks to be approved. Typically, the biggest delay here is waiting for a response from your vet reference, so if a week has gone by and you still haven't been approved, it might be worth giving your reference a friendly prod. After this, you will be able to start listing on our site immediately.

PetRescue connects you with adopters - once adopters have made contact your group’s own adoption policies and procedures still operate.

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