Finding short or long-term foster care for my pet

If you’re about to go into hospital or a care facility for treatment, or have experienced an unfortunate temporary change in circumstances, there are a few options that will help you and your pet through this difficult time.

Ask family members and friends first

The best temporary home for your pet is with people who already know and love your pet. Friends and family may be willing to offer your pet a temporary home while you get back on your feet, so ask around your immediate circle first.

Contact the people you got your pet from

Get in touch with the rescue group, breeder or person you originally got your pet from. Responsible breeders will either assist you in finding a temporary home, or may even care for the pet themselves.

Generally, the type of fostering that rescue groups undertake is fostering of homeless pets at immediate risk of being killed in pounds and shelters. So, they may not have the resources to offer foster care for your pet, but it’s still worth contacting them to see if they can assist in any way.

Contact crisis support groups

Here are some links to organisations that may be able to assist or provide further advice:

Animal Aid (VIC)

Berry Street & PAAWS (VIC)

Victorian Dog Rescue (VIC)

Hume Outreach Pet Program through Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc. (Melbourne)

RSPCA Safe Beds for Pets program (NSW)

Paws and Recover (NSW)

Team Dog (NSW)

RSPCA Pets in Crisis program (QLD)

Safe Pets, Safe Families (SA)

Contact local rescue groups

Our Rescue Directory contains a list of all rescue group members and you can sort by state to narrow your search, should you wish to try to contact them to see if they can help. Whilst many groups would love to help out, they may not have the resources to do so given the number of pets at immediate risk of being killed in pounds or shelters.

Find local pet boarding or pet sitters

Another option may be to search online for local pet boarding accommodation, or a private pet sitter. There is a growing list of online resources for pet sitters, often at reasonable cost and with the option of caring for your pet in their home or your own home.

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