Why can't I search by breed?

There are several reasons why you can't search PetRescue by breed.

One of the greatest reasons to adopt a rescue pet is having an individual pet matched to your lifestyle, family and circumstances. The majority of pets listed on PetRescue are mixed breed dogs of unknown heritage - the breed mixes listed are typically the best guess of the group that has them in care. This means that these pets are truly individuals! They're typically being cared for in foster homes, so the carers are able to give an accurate as possible description of the pet's individual personality and suitability.
In those less-common cases where a rescue dog's breed is known, it should should only ever be used as a guideline. Believing that all pets of a certain breed have the same behavioural traits is a bit like claiming that all Australians love to surf, or all kids from the same family have identical personalities.
It's okay to favour a certain type of dog, but through searching by breed you may be excluding the very pet that would be your perfect match. The search filters on our site encourage adopters to look beyond sometimes broad generalisations about breed, and focus more on the pet's personality, how they suit you, your lifestyle and your family.
We hope this information assists, and best of luck in the search for your new furry family member!

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