Why haven't I received a response to my enquiry/application?

PetRescue supports over a thousand independent rescue groups, shelters and pounds - most of which are small, volunteer-run organisations, so the application process can sometimes take time.

Your pet enquiry emails go directly to these groups. We would certainly expect every group to get back to you, so if you have still not received a response to your enquiries after one week, please fill out our contact form with the pet's name and PetRescue ID number (located on the right hand side of the pet's listing) for us to follow up with the relevant rescue group.

If you need to get in contact with the rescue group directly, each pet listed has the name and contact details of the rescue group caring for them on their profile information. This can be found to the right of the page under the pet's photo if you are using a desktop computer, or directly under the pet's name and breed if you are using a mobile device.

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