Pet Enquiry Checklist

Already submitted an application but you still haven't heard back? Here's a helpful checklist:

Enquiry Checklist:

  • Double-check for any missed external adoption forms that you are required to fill out for the group. This would usually be mentioned under “Adoption details” on the pet’s profile. 
  • Edit your adopter profile if needed to ensure that you have included all the relevant details that can support your application. Find out more here

Next Steps:

  • We get it, no updates can be frustrating. Why not take this time to prepare for your new pet instead? The PetRescue blog has helpful tips, resources and heartwarming adoption stories just for you! 
  • If you haven’t heard back in over 2 weeks, you can go back to your conversations and check-in with the rescue organisation. See other reasons why you may have not heard back about your application
  • You won’t believe how many deserving rescue pets are out there waiting for you to click the Enquire button. If you don’t hear back, apply for other pets that best suit your lifestyle. Fun fact: Cats make awesome pets and could really use your help getting out of shelters. 
  • Your local pound or shelter can be a great place to look for a pet, use our rescue directory to find one close to you.

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