PetRescues Pet Listing Rules

Using PetRescue’s website is one of the most effective ways for rescue groups to reach thousands of potential adopters. To maintain trust as a professional community service, PetRescue requires you to follow a few simple rules when listing your adoptable pets. These rules include:
  • All pets listed on the site must be real rescue pets, presently in a pound/shelter or foster care situation.
  • Rescue groups are not permitted to list pets on behalf of private individuals. A pet may remain in the care of its current owner whilst listed on PetRescue. The listing group must still take full responsibility for the pet, including desexing, adopter interview and provision for the pet if the adoption fails.
  • Negative emotive references are not permitted. Including expected euthanasia dates, use of the words ‘urgent’ or ‘death row’ or anything that implies that the potential adopter should hurry (i.e. ‘please rush’, ‘save them’, ‘they don’t have much time').
  • Derogatory comments about past owners, abuse or cruelty are not permitted  - such statements do not help the pet get adopted and distract from the pet’s positive qualities.
  • Pet listings must be written in sentence case, and we ask that you avoid putting too many statements in CAPITAL LETTERS – this can be unpleasant for visitors to read as it gives the impression that you’re shouting at them.
  • All pet listings submitted must be focused on promoting specific animals. Generic listings and listings for items other than rescue pets are not permitted.
  • Personal information about the previous owner should not be included without their express permission.
  • Pets with a known history of aggression must not be listed.
  • All information posted on the pet's profile page must be correct and up to date, including the status of our pets. Please mark them as ON HOLD or ADOPTED promptly to avoid further adoption enquiries being generated for the pet, which may result in extra correspondence work for you and disappointment for adopters.
  • Listings that include references or advertising for commercial organisations, products or services are not permitted.
  • All information, including photos, videos, contact information and animal descriptions posted on the website, becomes the property of PetRescue and may be used in promotions and for marketing purposes.
  • As per new legislation for some states, it is required that you update your listings to include an identification number. If your pets are available for adoption in NSW, VIC, SA, or QLD, please look at the requirements here.
PetRescue maintains the right to remove, edit or alter any information posted on the website at our discretion.

If you have any queries about PetRescue’s Pet Listing Rules, please email

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