Bumping pet listings

You can 'bump' your listed pets to the top of the list to ensure that pets who have been on PetRescue a while get viewed. This can be only be done once every seven days.

Bumped listings go into a queue so that one rescue group doesn't dominate the new listings. This means your bumped listings won't be immediately placed at the top of the search results; this will happen within a few hours, although it can take longer during busy periods. The PetRescue team monitor the bump queue length and adjust the bump schedule when needed to ensure pet listings are bumped in a timely fashion.

When you view your list of active pet listings, you'll notice a column with 'Bump' buttons.

If the Bump button is green, simply click the bump button to queue that listing to be bumped back to the top of the search results.

If the Bump button is gray, you're within the seven days and can't currently bump the listing.

You can also bump the listing from each individual pet profile page. Simply look for the Bump button at the top of the page, above the main profile photo. 

We hope the Bump function allows you to manage your listings more effectively. If you have long-term pets struggling to get adoption interest, please also get in touch with us at members@petrescue.org.au to discuss additional feature opportunities.

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