How to add an ABN number to your group profile

We know that you, as a member of the PetRescue community, already uphold a high standard of care and services in rescue. PetRescue members are recognised by the Australian public as trusted and reputable members of the rescue community. 

But with the rise in popularity of rescue pets, Australia has seen an increase in adoption and donations scams, short-lived rescue ventures and individuals and organisations not doing right by the pets in their care. 

While becoming a registered Australian business has always been a requirement of PetRescue members, we have accepted organisations without providing an ABN in the past. As the PetRescue community continues to grow, we are gradually transitioning to a point where all our members need to provide their ABN details. 

Why an ABN? 

An ABN helps verify members are:

  • Committed to setting up and running a rescue for the longer term
  • Aware of, and abide by their legal obligations when accepting payments and donations
  • Legally are who they say they are
  • Can be contacted if things go wrong

I don’t have an ABN

Registering for an ABN is straightforward. Most small rescue groups would register as a sole trader using your Tax File Number, but more information about what business category your rescue falls under and how to register can be found here at the ATO.

Please note: The ABN number provided must be registered under the name of your organisation and not an individual

How to update your rescue group profile with your ABN:

Please note this can only be done by a group Admin.
  1. Log in and go to 'My Group Profile' on the main taskbar
  2. Once on your Group Profile click ‘Edit’ 
  3. At the top of the page, you will see the ABN field
  4. Input your ABN number

  4. Finally, be sure to scroll to the bottom and click ‘Update group details’

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