Hide microchip numbers on pet listings

You can hide the microchip details for all listings by going to your group profile and updating your settings. 

Please note that if the listing comes under a state where the microchip number is required by law, this setting will be overridden for that particular listing.

Here's how to hide microchip numbers:

1. Visit 'My Group Profile' on the main menu.

2. Click the 'Edit' button under your group logo.

3. Scroll down and click the plus sign to open the group settings section.
2e0f8aa865d451ef5b4dbe90445db083.png4. Toggle the hide microchip numbers setting to on.
b8451653fc5da1cc48798f7c2d0dbf49.png5. Then click the 'update group' button to save your changes - please note that this update will apply to all the listings added by your group.

Find more information on microchip requirements here

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