PetRescues Code of Ethics

PetRescue supports the responsible and ethical rescue of companion animals. Membership is offered exclusively to groups and organisations that agree to and abide by the PetRescue Membership Code of Ethics (presented below) and Pet Listing Rules. Any breach of the Membership Code or Pet Listing Rules may result in immediate suspension of membership.

PetRescue members represent professionalism in all aspects of rescue - from the coordination of pet care to the management of the adoption process and customer service when dealing directly with the public.
PetRescue understands that prospective adopters are making a considerable emotional investment when they begin the search for a new family member. So it's important to ensure all potential adopters have a positive adoption experience - one that they'll want to recommend to friends and family and maybe even repeat the next time they are seeking a pet.

To ensure a positive experience for all, PetRescue requires all member rescue groups to

  • Respond to enquiries generated from the PetRescue website within 72 hours.
  • Maintain respectful, professional, informative and non-judgemental written and verbal communications.
  • Commit to referring unsuccessful applicants or enquirers back to the PetRescue website to continue their search, should they not be the right match for your rescue group.

Animals listed on PetRescue must be

  • Genuine rescue animals, presently in a pound/shelter or foster care situation.
  • Vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and ready for rehoming.
  • Desexed. All cats and dogs submitted to PetRescue must be desexed (or will be desexed PRIOR to going to their new home) and shall be promoted as such. Exclusions may be granted for animals considered too elderly or for other health reasons, as advised by a vet. Please contact us to apply on a per-animal basis.

PetRescue member rescue groups must also agree to the following:

  • We have read and agree to abide by PetRescue's Pet Listing Rules and understand that failure to do so will result in the immediate removal of offending listings and may result in the suspension or removal of membership.
  • We operate our rescue group to support the welfare of the animals in our care and not for personal gain. Any fees we charge for adoption or other services are directly invested in our organisation's ongoing work. While we may have paid staff, our group or shelter is intended to operate as a not-for-profit, for-purpose or charitable organisation.
  • We are a registered Australian business, not-for-profit group or charity with an active Australian Business Number (ABN) or are working towards being one.
  • We are dedicated to the care of animals and educational efforts to promote the welfare of those animals. As part of this commitment, we provide advice and support to those who adopt animals from us.
  • We endeavour to match pets with appropriate new families to ensure a good fit for both human and pet. This process may include adoption counselling via phone, in-person, or written correspondence.
  • We will promptly provide adoption paperwork such as change of ownership, microchip, and vaccination details to the new owner. (PetRescue strongly recommends that adoption paperwork goes with the pet at the time of adoption to avoid follow-up issues).
  • We make provision to offer after-adoption follow up and support to our adopters over the life of their pets, including a returns policy for adopted animals.
  • We are operating our group according to, and in compliance with, all federal, state, and local regulations, laws, rules, ordinances, statutes and codes, and possess the required permits or license(s) (if applicable).
  • We will endeavour to keep all information posted on the PetRescue website correct and up to date, including our contact details and the status of our pets (marking them as ON HOLD or ADOPTED promptly).
  • We recognise that PetRescue does not guarantee any of the information we posted. Any pets found, adopted through, or listed on PetRescue are the sole responsibility of the advertiser and/or the adopting party.
  • We acknowledge PetRescue has the right to remove, edit or alter any information posted on the website at their discretion.
  • All information, including photos, videos, contact information and animal descriptions posted to the website, becomes the property of PetRescue and may be used in promotions and for marketing purposes.
  • PetRescue may contact us at any time to verify information submitted to the website. We must ensure a contact name and phone number are maintained in our account details. Should we fail to maintain timely communication with PetRescue, we understand that our account may be suspended.
  • We understand PetRescue may make changes and/or updates to the Membership Code or Pet Listing Rules, and we will be required to adhere to these changes to remain a member.
  • Any breach of the above rules may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of PetRescue membership.
If you have any queries about PetRescue's Membership Code or Pet Listing Rules, please email
Please note: PetRescue does not comprehensively evaluate nor endorse the practices of any organisation or individual.

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