Modern photo formats for pet listings

Hi community,

The photo uploader on pet listings has been updated to include modern formats and enable them to display properly. Most standard file types are supported so this shouldn't affect your uploading, but in case you stumble any troubles, these are the formats that are enabled:

  • Jpg (or jpe or jpeg)
  • Webp
  • Heic
  • Png 
  • Gif

Here are some handy sets to troubleshoot if you encounter any issues uploading photos:

Most photos taken on a standard phone camera are “jpeg” or “heic” files which are accepted. An easy way to see the file type of your photo is by checking the extension on the file name. For example, if the file name is Fluffy.jpg or Fluffy.png, then it will be supported by PetRescue’s photo uploader. 


Apple/Mac users: Right-click on your photo and click “Get info”, and you should be able to see the type of file it is, i.e. jpg, png, gif etc. 

Windows users: Right-click on your photo and click “Properties” to see the file type. 


iPhone: Open the photo on your phone’s gallery and view it on full screen. Then swipe up on the photo to see more information about it including the file type.

Android: Open the photo on your phone’s gallery and view it on full screen. Then click on the three dots near the photo and click “Get details”. 

What if my photo is in an unsupported format?

You can easily change your photo’s format by using online conversion tools such as Cloud Convert (there are heaps of tools available on search engines that can convert your files to the required format).

For more assistance feel free to reach out to our team at

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