Selecting a pet's breed

Pet breed is a field that appears when creating a pet listing. When selecting a breed, the platform offers a variety of breeds to select. You can choose one or multiple for this field.

To select a breed:

  • Begin typing and a suggested list of breeds will appear
  • If your breed is listed, select it by clicking on the breed
  • Select the mix (optional) checkbox if your pet is multiple breeds of unidentified breeds ie: Abyssinian mix or Koolie x Kelpie mix
  • To add a second (or third etc) breed, click back into the breed field and begin typing again
  • A cross (x) will automatically appear between each breed listed ie: Labrador x Poodle

A green preview text will show the breed details directly below the breed field showing how the breed/s will appear on your listing.

If you don't know the breed or mix of the pet you are listing on PetRescue we recommend selecting 'mixed breed' for dogs and the standard 'Domestic Long Hair', 'Domestic Medium Hair' or 'Domestic Short Hair' for cats.

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