Manage listings

The Manage My Pets tab on your dashboard allows you to view all of your group's pet listings - including those that are draft, available, on hold, adopted and removed. 

You can use the Status filter to view pets listed under a certain status and search by species in the filter below this.

Simply click on the pet's name to see their full details or to edit their profile.

You can sort the order of the pets’ displayed as required by clicking the arrow at the top of the appropriate column (name, enquiries, listed by, date listed or updated). e.g. if you are looking for your most recent active listings - click on the arrow at the top of the date column to sort by date, and click again to reverse the order.

If you would like to create a new listing, simply click the ‘Create new listing’ button in the top left-hand corner. To find out more about creating a draft listing, click here.

If you would like to update the status of multiple pet listings, follow this link here.

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