Why you should be using Google Chrome

PetRescue has been optimised for use with the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is free, safe and secure, and faster than most other browsers. It's available for Windows and Mac computers.

While we would like to support all versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc, it takes considerable extra work and cost to make the current member features available for these browsers. We have decided to invest the time and money it would take to do this into adding additional features to PetRescue.

If you're experiencing problems with the PetRescue Member functions, often it is because you're using an old or non-supported browser. Follow the process below to install Google Chrome, and have the best PetRescue experience available!

How to install Google Chrome

  • Go to google.com/chrome, and follow the instructions there to install Chrome on your computer. Please note this is a free service provided by Google; Chrome is a safe, fast and superior replacement for Internet Explorer and other browsers.
  • Once Chrome is installed, simply launch it and use it to visit PetRescue. We recommend using Chrome as your primary browser; there is no need to use Internet Explorer or other browsers for different websites.

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