How to write a good pet profile

Giving potential adopters a few details about the pet will allow them to assess whether the pet is a good fit for their family and lifestyle. While many pets enter council facilities with very little background information, the more detail you can provide about the pet, the better.

Here are some key points to include:

  • Think of it as a ‘dating profile’ for your pet. You want to show off their great personality and features to potential adopters.
  • Tell a story. People love to read a well-written and interesting profile that engages and intrigues them.
  • Specify whether the pets is male or female
  • Give an approximate age
  • Take your best guess at the breed of the pet
  • Give the pet a name
  • Provide information about the pet’s behaviour (i.e. happy/outgoing, shy/reserved, friendly with strangers, friendly with other animals, walks well on lead, low energy/high energy)
  • List some of the things they like to do (i.e. play with balls, chase sticks, climb scratching posts, cuddle on the couch)
  • Provide medical information

To generate maximum interest in your animals, focus on the pet and their personality. Make them sound appealing, and present the adoption process as a fun and rewarding experience. This is a job you can allocate to a creative volunteer from your local community.

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