Pet profile writing feature that uses AI

Let's face it - being an animal rescuer means you wear many hats, and at the end of a long day, not every one feels inspired to put on their copywriting hat to create engaging pet profiles. This is where PetRescue’s AI bot comes in.

AI Bot will help you write awesome pet profiles in half the time. To get started, create a new pet listing and add in the pet's Name and Best Feature.

You will then arrive at the Personality text box. To use the profile writing AI bot, simply write a list of dot point details and qualities about your pet using the dash symbol (-) to create the list, as shown below. Remember, the more points the better!

Once you have added your highlight points, hit the ‘Generate the profile’ button, and voilà - a profile has been created!

If you aren’t happy with the first attempt, you can simply click ‘Generate the profile’ again, and a completely new copy will be created below the first! From there, you can edit the generated text as you like. 

It’s important to note - this bot is learning as it goes, so you’ll need to check its work to make sure the profile is accurate and adjust where required. Things to keep an eye out for:

  • the details are correct (gender, species)
  • the personality is correct (what has been created aligns with the traits of the pet)
  • the profile isn’t too similar to others
  • the content created is appropriate and positive - keeping in line with the PetRescue listing rules
  • the formatting of the text is easy to read

Once you’re happy with the pet’s profile, be sure to remove the original dot points/list you first added and continue on to complete the rest of the pet's information in the listing form.

And there you have it - pet profile writing made super quick and simple!

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