Create a sample enquiry as a guide for enquirers

Is there specific information you’d like to obtain from enquirers when they first reach out, such as their work situation, if they currently have any pets, if they have children etc.?
With the "enquiry placeholder" feature, you can provide enquirers with suggestions on what to include when enquiring about a pet. By providing these tips and hints to the enquirer, they'll be better informed on the information to send from the beginning and you’ll be able to review applications and find the right adopter quicker.

To enable a enquiry placeholder

  • a group admin will need to log in and go to ‘My Group Profile’ then click 'Edit' to enable this option. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find 'Enquiry Placeholder' and click on the small toggle to enable this feature. 
  • You can then customise the text in this field to a 'sample enquiry or suggestions points' that would be ideal for your organisation. 
  • Once completed, click 'update group' at the end to save your changes.

Please note this text is not customisable for each pet. One placeholder text will appear for enquirers applying for all the pets listed by your organisation.

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