Sending a message to all enquirers after updating a pet's status (bulk message)

If you’re looking to update a pet's status and have received tons of enquiries for a pet, you can notify all enquirers at once with an automated message. This is really helpful for keeping enquirers informed.

Step 1: Update the pet's status

  • To send a message to all enquirers, you will first need to go to the pet’s listing and update the pet's status to ‘on hold’ or ‘adopted’.
  • To update your pet's status, log in and go to 'Manage My Pets' to find the pet listing that you wish to update. 
  • Once on the pet's listing, you will find the option 'Update Status' at the top of their listing and details. 
  • Click on the drop-down, select the status you'd like to update to, and click the 'Update Status' button.

Step 2: Send a bulk message to all the enquirers.

  • Upon updating the pet's status, a pop up will appear with a preview message to send to enquirers informing them of this status change.
  • For pets that have been adopted, this will be a preset message, however for pets changed to on hold, this message can be customised. 
  • To send, click the big green button which says ‘Yes, notify unsuccessful enquirers’ or ‘Yes, send enquirers an update

Step 3: Exclude the adopter or an enquirer from the bulk message

  • Before the message sends, another pop-up will ask you to choose the adopter or enquirer the pet is on hold for (this is so we don’t send a notification to them).
  • Select the individual from the drop-down menu which lists all those who sent an enquiry for the pet.

  • Once you have selected the enquirer, or selected the 'none of the above' option, click 'Send notification'.
  • And with that, all enquirers will be notified within the same conversation window where they first enquired about the pet.

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