How to adjust a team member's level of access

PetRescue has two account types with different access levels for its member organisations. The two account types include:
Group members
Have limited access to the pet listings they create and manage
Group admins
Have full access to all listings and their group's page. 
Further details on the difference between the level of access can be seen here.

Manage your team member's access levels

To manage your team members and adjust their access levels, you will need a user with group ‘admin’ access to update this.
  • Once the group admin is logged in, Go to 'My Team Members' and click the user's name (in the left hand column) whose account you’d like to adjust

  • Once on the team member's account, click ‘Edit’

  • Then go to ‘Role’ and adjust this to ‘member’ or ‘admin’

  • Once completed, be sure to click ‘Update User’ at the bottom of the page to confirm this change

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