How to view an adopters profile

Have you received an enquiry from a potential adopter and want to learn more about them? 

With PetRescue’s ‘ Adopter profile’ option for users, rescue groups can find out more about an enquirer at the click of a button. 
In the Adopter profile, users can share important information including:
  • Contact and location details (suburb, state, email and contact number)
  • About themself (a written description about them and the home they can offer a new pet)
  • About their family (other adults and/or children in their household)
  • About their pets (species, sex, age, personality, photo)
  • Photos (of themselves and their house and yard)

To check out an enquirers Adopter profile

  • Log in and go to the conversation from the enquirer
  • Once in the conversation, at the bottom left-hand corner, you will find a preview of the adopter's details
  • Simply click the ‘View full profile’ to see their Adopter profile

The ‘View full profile’ button will not appear when an enquirer does not have a PetRescue account or has not completed their profile.

Once you’re on their Adopter profile, you will be able to find out more about the enquirer, their household and the type of home they can offer your pet. An example can be seen below.

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