Your guide to two-step verification

Two-step verification will add an extra layer of security to the existing login process for your PetRescue account. Once you’ve logged in with your username and password, you will be given an option to provide a phone number, which will be used to send you a dynamic security code each time you log in from a different IP address, i.e a different internet connection. 

Once you set up two-step verification, you will be asked to provide a verification code that is sent to you via SMS

In case you chose to skip this step the first time, you can always go to your account settings and enable it later on (as pictured below). 

If you don’t have access to your phone and have already set up the two-step verification system, then we’ve got a backup option! You can simply click on the “I don’t have access to my phone” link and you’ll be redirected to the Account Recovery page and given a unique code which you can use to recover your account any time you don’t have access to your phone. 

If you would like to change your mobile number, you can always email us at and we can change your number for you.

Rest assured the login process is still as easy and breezy as it was earlier with just an extra precautionary step to keep any nosey troublemakers from accessing your account!

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