How to add new members to your account

The PetRescue account structure enables you to have multiple pet listers for your group. Groups wanting to share the workload, groups that operate in several locations or groups that would like to give foster carers access to update their pets' information can add and manage additional account members without jeopardising the security of their group's account by sharing passwords.

Your Group Admin (the person who first set up your group’s account on PetRescue) can add new members to your group. Each group member has their own unique password and sign in using their own email address.

Adding a new member

Make sure you are logged into PetRescue, then:

  • Go to your group's profile
  • Click the green Create new user button at the top of the screen 
  • Enter the full contact name (both first and last name) and email address of your new member
  • Select Group admin or Group member
  • Click the Add user button

An email will be sent to your new group member inviting them to sign in and activate their membership. Once they have completed this step they will be able to begin listing pets for your group.

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