Pet listing status updates

Keeping pet listings up-to-date is quick and easy. It also helps prospective adopters stay engaged and committed to their search for a rescue pet - which means more rescue pets find loving homes!

So, which status should you use?


The ‘removed’ option is for pets that have been euthanised, passed away in care or have been transferred to another rescue organisation.

On hold

The ‘on hold’ option can be used in a few ways, and is a great tool for managing your incoming enquiries.

You can use ‘on hold’ for pets that:

  • Have an adoption application in process
  • Have already received several promising enquiries that your team is processing
  • Are undergoing an adoption trial
  • Are undergoing medical treatment or further behavioural assessment

The ‘on hold’ option removes a pet from the public search listings. Using this option can save you valuable time if you don’t want to field any more enquiries for that pet. You can easily change the pet from ‘on hold’ back to ‘available’ should you need to.


That’s the favourite! Once your pets are safe and snug in their new homes, be sure to select the ‘Adopted’ option.

That way, we can promote your incredible rehoming efforts, and you can admire your team’s lifesaving tally on your Members Home page!

If you have any questions about how to use these options, please get in touch via

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